Building, enabling and transforming
digital businesses

We partner with strategic local and international players in various stages of growth and help them build and market their digital assets to rapidly scale their business
SUMO VENTURE is a business incubator focused on eCommerce businesses.  We partner with strategic local and international players and help them build their digital assets to rapidly scale their business.

Sumo Venture is the Philippine subsidiary of Sumo Limited Hong Kong.

our Approach

We adopt a flexible incubation model to effectively match the needs of our investees and partners.
Whether you are a start-up looking to accelerate or a fast-growth business looking to expand, we will leverage the full strength of our ecosystem to help you achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.

We offer high-value hands-on support

Our extensive in-house capabilities include front-end to back-end web development, digital marketing, traffic acquisition and conversion, product curation, supply chain management, customer support, seed-funding and fund-raising.  These resources are backed by a fast-growing database of 2 million active and potential customers that can be leveraged to create or expand your market.

At SUMO, we pride ourselves on being an active contributor to our partners’ success


Shared team of digital experts

We are a diverse group of professionals with deep experience in building, driving and growing digital businesses in the Philippines, rest of Asia and Europe.


Strategic partnerships that accelerate growth

We incubate retailers and consumer brands looking to establish or ramp up their eCommerce operations.  We also engage in opportunities that offer horizontal capabilities to further strengthen our ecosystem.

At SUMO, you gain access to our fully-established proprietary systems, strong digital assets and wide network of advisers and investors.


SUMO VENTURE currently owns equity in the following companies

Larga.PH is the newest go-to space where one can find incredible travel deals - from local favourites to international experiences, budget getaways to premium vacations.


Omnistrada brings a network of experienced specialists and partners able to address all key aspects of a successful omnichanel and digital transformation.


OOLALA is a first of its kind online pop-up shop offering a space for retail brands to test out their e-commerce capabilities.

Curated by Vault is an online destination where one-of-a-kind designer products are made available to highly discerning shoppers.



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